Wah Chan, a former engineer in the private energy sector, was raised in an environment at a young age where work ethic, customer service, empathy, and relationships were valued highly. Working alongside his parents in their family business growing up, it taught him there is more than just a dollar, relationships and knowledge is the most powerful currency.

This industry is full of cookie cutter agents, with over a decade of working as a Realtor, the experience and professionalism clearly separates Wah from the others. Wah's skills to quickly identify a problem and find multiple solutions is what allows him to succeed in this tough and challenging industry. The ability to strategically plan, execute, negotiate, and deliver a sale consistently has helped Wah’s reputation as a qualified and trusted advisor quickly rise. As the first line of defense for Sellers and Buyers, Wah is the solid foundation every home owner needs. Contact him today to chat about anything Real Estate!